RAT Test Healgen Rapid Antigen Test - 5 Pack

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HealGen RAT Test - 5 Pack




Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test


IMPORTANT This test can be used within the first ten days that symptoms appear for COVID-19.

The test will take approximately 5 minutes to setup and the test results must be read at 15 minutes. It is important that you carefully follow the instructions to achieve the correct result.

The test device and the buffer solution must be at room temperature (15-30°C) before starting the test.

Step 1.

Insert the tube into the workstation. Remove the lid from the top of the tube.

Step 2.

Open the swab package where indicated. Pull the swab out by grasping the plastic end. Do not touch the absorbent swab tip.

Step 3.

Carefully insert the absorbent tip of the swab into your left nostril. Ensure that the entire swab tip is inside your nostril (2-4 cm deep). Do not insert the swab further after you feel resistance.

Step 4.

Roll the swab at least 5 times against the insides of your nostril. Ensure good contact between the swab and the insides of your nostril.

Step 5.

Remove the swab and insert into your right nostril. Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Step 6.

Remove the swab from your nostril and insert the swab into the prepared tube in the workstation.

Step 7.

Mix well by rolling the swab at least 6 times while pressing the head of the swab against the bottom and sides of the tube.

Step 8.

Start timer. Leave the swab in the tube for 1 minute.

Step 9.

Squeeze the tube several times from the outside. Try to dissolve as much solution from the swab as possible.

Step 10.

Remove the swab and discard in a plastic bag.

Step 11.

Push the tip provided in the kit into the tube and ensure it fits tightly.

Step 12.

Remove the test device from the pouch and lay it on a fiat clean surface.

Step 13.

Add 4 drops of the solution into the sample well of the test device by gently squeezing the tube.

Step 14.

Start timer and read results at 15 minutes. It is important to read the results at 15 minutes.

Step 15.

Read your results. There are three possible types of results.

Positive Test Result

If the test device looks like either of the positive result above, you have a current Covid-19 infection. Please call your doctor or your local health department and make sure you adhere to local guidelines for self-isolation. Re-testing with other test methods such as a PCR test may be required.

Negative Test Result

If the test device looks like the negative result above, no Covid-19 infection could be detected. In a suspected case, repeat the test after 1-2 days since the virus cannot be accurately detected in all phases of an infection. Despite a negative test result, you still have to comply with all applicable rules regarding contact with others and protective measures.

Invalid Test Result

If your test result looks different, meaning there is no line visible or only one line at T, the result is invalid. This may be a result of the test execution, and the test should be repeated. If invalid test results continue, please contact your doctor or a COVID test center.




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