Absolute Essentials Therapeutic Plant Oils

Absolute Essential in New Zealand offers the best of the world's most effective Therapeutic Essential Oils, in their optimum pure natural form.

Absolute Essential fair-trade source from small, organic farms and sustainable wild harvests, and at every step take the greatest of care to protect the plant's essential medicinal purity. People trust our safe, natural products that come from 25 years of expertise in holistic health care.

Therapeutic organics are the future of aromatherapy. These are pristine creams, carriers and essential oils for a full range of uses: health & wellbeing; mother, child & baby; home & living; body & skin care. We select potent plant properties to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. And so enhance your natural capacity for balanced healthy living.

There is absolutely no question about the importance of preserving and protecting the land that supports us. Absolute Essentials has no secrets and take no shortcuts. Thes oils are the best you will find because they are a product of a blanket policy for full natural integrity.

No animals have been hurt, no land has been spoiled. No over-sized industrial companies will ever be involved, no petrochemicals, parabens or pesticides used. No workers will be undervalued, no trading will be unfair.

At every possible opportunity we will promote the natural health and wellbeing of our planet and its people.