Harker Herbals

Harker Herbals traditional herbal tonics and elixirs are made in New Zealand using the finest herbal ingredients to cleanse, purify and treat the human body. No chemicals. No additives 

Harker Herbals founder, Malcolm Harker MHD, using his expertise as a master herbalist, has formulated tonics to work from the inside out; cleansing waste from ailing parts of the body so that healing could proceed. 

Central to the Harker Herbals range is Hippocrates’ philosophy that we must treat the whole body, rather than isolated parts. Harker focuses on creating an environment for the body that supports its natural resistance to overcome disease and so bring about recovery. So rather than focus on one part, we start at the whole body level, and work our way down. 

Harker Herbals source only the very best and freshest herbs from our trusted suppliers in New Zealand and overseas