Inner Health Probiotics

Inner Health have been researching, studying and developing an in-depth understanding of gut health for over 30 years. Getting the right gut health solution for your condition can make all the difference.

Not all probiotics are the same. Different strains, even within the same genus and species, are shown to benefit completely different conditions with some strains having little to no proven health benefits in humans. For this reason, it is important to choose a probiotic formula which contains strains that have been researched alone and in combination with each other and at the appropriate strength.

Research indicates that the dose is just as important as the strain of probiotic - if too little is given the probiotic may be ineffective, whereas too much may give you an unexpected result. A number of recent clinical studies have investigated the effect of various strengths of commonly prescribed probiotic strains and found that there can be marked differences in clinical outcomes depending on the doses used.

Probiotics require careful and correct storage to survive as they are impacted by temperature fluctuations and moisture. For probiotics to be alive upon consumption they must remain dormant inside the capsule and protected by either a refrigerator or moisture-protection technology.

Refrigeration protects probiotics from warmth and moisture as it provides a stable temperature of 4°C to 8°C and low humidity.

Alternatively, Inner Health's Activ-VialTM packaging & ProtectAir™ moisture defence system keeps the probiotic bacteria alive and full strength at 25°C.