Gran's Remedy Original Foot Powder 50g

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Gran's Remedy Original Foot Powder 50g

Gran's Remedy is the answer to smelly feet and footwear.

Gran's Remedy has been shown by independent research to be fully effective in treating your feet for the fungi and bacteria known to cause bad smells in feet and footwear.

Gran's Remedy helps to eliminate the odours caused by some bacteria and fungi which thrive on the moisture (caused by sweating) and warmth in your shoes. As the bacteria grow in these ideal conditions, they break down the built-up sweat and release volatile acids which are the source of the nasty smell.

Just half a teaspoon placed in each shoe every day for 7-10 days can keep your feet, shoes and socks smell-free for up to six months. The active ingredients present in Gran's Remedy help to knock back the bacteria, so their smell-producing activities are halted and it will take months before they can build back up again to cause the odours.

Directions: Shake well. Place HALF A TEASPOON per shoe DAILY for SEVEN to TEN days, in shoes worn daily. If required, place HALF A TEASPOON in problem footwear such as running shoes.

Ingredients: Alum, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Undecylenate, Talc, Manuka Oil, Kawakawa, Peppermint Oil

Precautions: Keep Gran's Remedy out of reach of children. Do NOT use Gran's Remedy if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed. Do not use on open wounds.

Presentation: Each jar contains approximately 50g of powder.

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Medicines, herbal remedies and dietary supplements have benefits and may have risks. Always read the instructions carefully and use Gran's Remedy strictly as directed. If your symptoms continue or you have side effects consult your healthcare professional promptly. - Your New Zealand Online Pharmacy

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  • 5
    Gran's Remedy

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2023

    Excellent product that really works on smelly feet and trainers.

  • 5
    De-odorise your Shoes and Boots

    Posted by Rhyna on 14th Feb 2023

    Easy to use, works well at keeping light to heavy foot wear odour free.

  • 5
    Best for smelly feet!

    Posted by Loretta on 19th Jul 2021

    Great for work boots and everyday shoes. One pot lasts for a long time. Great product and customer service. Cannot recommend highly enough!

  • 5
    Delighted to receive it

    Posted by Carol on 8th Sep 2020

    I am so happy to find this product again! I used to use it in the U.K., known there as Granny’s Remedy. Then it became unavailable. It took years till I realised I could get it from New Zealand. Now it has arrived and I have confirmed it’s the same, I am delighted....worked so well!

  • 5
    Bye Bye Odor

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2018

    This really works and it is also economical. I had this a few years ago and I was able to use one jar for over a year. Keeps your feet and shoes odor free. I have used many other products before but none of them really worked.